These are the network rules.

Rule 1.0

It is forbidden to use modified mods / clients that provide any advantage over the default user.

Rule 2.0

The sending of IP addresses of other servers in public and / or private chat (spam) is not tolerated in any way, it is also forbidden to "convince" other players on our server to connect to other servers to our disadvantage

Rule 3.0

Disrespect to other players and in particular server staff is strictly prohibited. Any type of offense, threat, insult or discrimination against one of our Staff members will result in a punishment that can vary from a mute to a temporary ban.

Rule 4.0

The use of profanity / foul language / racist language in public chat is not allowed. This will result in the exclusion of the user from the possibility of using the public and private chat.

Rule 5.0

The use and exploitation of bugs / exploits on our server is prohibited, and it is mandatory to mark them to our staff. The use of exploits is severely punishable.

Rule 6.0

It is strictly forbidden to attempt theft / appropriation of someone else's account, or impersonating such.

Rule 7.0

The use of one or more accounts connected through the same IP address is punishable, unless the legitimacy of the staff is verified.

Rule 8.0

It is forbidden to send links that lead to pornographic or illicit content in public and private chats. It is not permitted under any circumstances.

Rule 9.0

Entering the server with offensive username is forbidden.

Rule 10

The use of offensive ASCII symbols in chat, or the construction of offensive structures is prohibited. The same applies to signs.

Thank you for reading them.

We are really happy that you read all of the rules, we also remind that they are valid through the entire network and its other groups(Discord,Telegram).