Terms of service

These are the terms of service.


By paying the ViperOPVanilla network with the item designated by the package, it complies with the inability to pay compensation in any case. All purchases will be exemplary and registered by our site.
The online packages can be subject to adjustments at any time, by purchasing one of them you consent to the ViperOPVanilla network administrators' ability to modify the obtainable rewards by customers through game commands with the new remunerations assigned. All users who have purchased one of the packages prior to a change in the salaries agreed upon at the time of purchase will become subject to such changes to which it will not be possible to complain about the previous purchase conditions of the package. All the changes will be visible on the Changelog page of our official website accompanied by the primary page.
The customers at the time of purchase are conscientious of the data provided by them, in the fortuitous event of the insertion of incorrect data concerning the payment of the purchase to the individual, the buyer takes responsibility for his own inaccuracies and is not able to claim the purchase rewards in the case of the issue of different data to the Viper network from those desired. Each purchase is routed and under the customer's prompt Viper network is bound to show the conditions for which the purchase was not succesfull despite the outcome of a positive fee.
Viper network does not attribute to itself the responsibility of theft / loss of the credentials of accounts stored in our servers , the re-insertion of new credentials is carried out through the legislation declared subsequently.
Legislation [4.1]: Users stored in the servers of the Viper network, if they find themselves in the circumstance of a theft / loss of their access credentials, may request their replacement through the following process: - The applicant will be requested via the digital platforms owned by our network to provide, if VIP user of our network, their payment verification to us, if legitimate and corresponding, the user will be provided with new credentials. - If, on the contrary, the applicant is not a VIP user, he will be allowed to provide evidence of being a Minecraft-Premium user, and if valid the user will be provided with his new credentials.